Why Testimonials?

In Detroit we have built a wonderful, close and productive relationship with our local Catholic Radio Station.  We asked about their thoughts on the best way to market our wonderful marriage saving Retrouvaille program. 

During this conversation, the radio station shared one of their challenges – the inability to fill a full 24 hours of airtime with paid advertisements and programs.  Our local radio station friends noted that they are always looking for quality ”filler”.  Filler is content, usually from paid advertisers, but not always that describes a service or company.   The radio station shared that if Retrouvaille were able to provide testimonials (up to 30 seconds in length), he could fit those in as “filler” throughout the year, perhaps dozens if not hundreds of times.  The radio station could also use them in Ave Maria produced programming that is distributed to almost 400 Catholic radio stations across the United States!  In cases where the local radio stations hadn’t filled the airtime with enough paid ads – our Retrouvaille testimonials could potentially be used as the fillers.

By providing your personal testimonial you will be helping market our beloved Retrouvaille nationwide.  Maybe even worldwide and for little or no cost.  By creating this library of these Testimonials we could also provide them to local radio stations to be used as filler or as a type of Public Service Announcement.  We plan to also use these video testimonials on our Website or on our Social Media.

The form below is very simple to fill out and as you progress through each step, we will capture your video testimonial.  Please make sure your room is well lit and you are ready to present yourselves on video.  We want husband and wife on camera, please.  The 1st video is for the 30 second radio spots, the rest of the videos will be stitched together for future marketing.  We will send you a copy for your approval before anything is used.

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30 Second Testimonial

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Are you needing a program to save your troubled marriage?

You must check out Retrouvaille!

This program is for couples with marital problems that want marriage help. Those who are considering marriage separation or those who are already separated or divorced. We are encouraging to consider the Retrouvaille Program. There is always hope of reviving your relationship.

Please go to www.HelpOurMarriage.org to learn more about this marriage saving program.
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How did you meet and what was it like as you were falling in love?
What did you spouse do to make you feel special?
How did you feel when you were together?
Describe a romantic moment. How did you propose to her?
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What were the signs that things were going bad?
How did you feel?
What assumptions were you making about each other?
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What was it like when you were in the worst part of your marriage, what were your thoughts and emotions?
Can you describe your worst moment in some detail to let us know just how bad it was. Did you think about separation, divorce, revenge?
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During the weekend what revelations were there?
The Post Sessions and/or CORE: What did you learn from Retrouvaille?
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After Retrouvaille

How is life better?
How do you feel about the outlook of your relationship now?
How has Retrouvaille changed your life?
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