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The letter in () after the position is the Volunteer Email Letter Short Code




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You community email address will be generated based on your community number and your volunteer email letter short code. See letter designation behind volunteer position above. I.e. Community = 3016 and Volunteer = Registration Couple, the email will be 3016R@HelpOurMarriage.org
We will make ALL attempts to register your personal Retrouvaille email address per your choice. Please tell us your preference. HusbandWifeName@HelpOurMarriage.org or XXXX@HelpOurMarriage.org
Instead of the e-mail being 3016@helpourmarriage.org, it would be DetroitCoordinators@helpourmarriage.org. You would still login with the 3016@, but you would promote your ALIAS since it is easier to remember.

We prefer that the husband and wife share the Retrouvaille email address.